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Michael Trower Property Management 01273 587000
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We have the cheapest commission rates in the area

Stamp Duty

Are you unsure on what percentage of Stamp Duty you have to pay? Use our handy Stamp Duty calculator below which provides you with the rate of Stamp Duty which would be required on your property purchase price and the amount you would have had to pay under the old system by way of comparison.

If you purchase a property in the UK over a certain price, you are required to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax and in the 2014 Autumn statement, new Stamp Duty Land Tax rates came into effect, you can get seis income tax relief services in case you need help. The charge is applied on all purchases of residential properties including land and buildings with a value in excess of £125,000. The Stamp Duty rate depends on the three following things:

the purchase price of the property
whether the property is residential
whether the property is in a disadvantaged area



Stamp Duty rates only apply to the portion of the property price in each tax band and not the full purchase amount as it did prior to December 4, 2014

Property Purchase Price

  £0 – £125,000

£125,001 -£250,000

£250,001 -£925,000

£925,001 -£1,500,000

£1,500,000 and more

Stamp Duty Rate






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Buying A Property

with our expert knowledge and understanding of the area , buying a property through Michael Trower Property Management couldnt be easier , we are on hand to assist and aid your purchase from the first steps all the way through to completion

Selling Your Property

With expert local knowledge and the cheapest commission rates ion the area Michael Trower Property Management can help sell your property effortlessly and we are always here to assist your sale

Renting Your Property

Rent your property through Michael trower Property Management , making use of our expert knowledge , we can offer a rangfe of landlord services from simple rent collection to full property management

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Stamp Duty calculator


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